Who’s in better shape: Business owners or multi-million dollar athletes?

One of my friends is a fitness and nutrition guru. Why? Because he wants to be and he thrives by exercising, eating healthy, and feeling good. Oh, and he’s a partner in a high-growth, high-profit firm in a competitive industry. His business performs better because he performs better. As a business owner, you’re responsible for … Continue reading Who’s in better shape: Business owners or multi-million dollar athletes?

The shortest distance between two points…

is usually a straight line. Except when you’re flying through a snow storm and need to burn excess fuel and get in the queue for landing. Despite best efforts by an army of snow removal crews and very hard working Air Canada staff, our flight was cancelled because of steering problems. Mother Nature wins again.

Saving Time

There’s no such thing as time management – there’s only self-management.

Travel tips

irst class, as someone once said, isn’t a plane ticket. It’s how you act and treat people, regardless where you sit.


Little did I know that we were sitting on top of a million watt sub-woofer.


We are very pleased to announce our new blog, Business Success For Life. We look forward to sharing provocative and pragmatic thoughts and ideas on how to dramatically grow your business, enhance your leadership role, achieve life balance, and leave a legacy for your family, your customers and your community. This blog is the product … Continue reading Welcome!