Management Development

At mid-market companies, the strength of the management team is directly linked to bottom-line results.

Without healthy teamwork among a professionally developed team of managers, it’s impossible to fully achieve your organization’s ideal company vision. Here, Phil offers expert advice to help management align on common goals, achieve bottom-line results, and share real-time information for better decision making.


Retaining Your Best Employees
Phil suggests how to retain your key talent
The leader’s number one job isn’t to create followers, it’s to create more leaders. Learn how you strengthen your leadership team.

Leadership Team Testimonials
Phil helped my management team to clearly focus on the most important and valuable opportunities to grow our business, work together as a team, measure their progress, and create serious momentum.

Marlaine McCauley
President, Apex Facility Resources, Inc.
You have helped my three managers and three stores work together as a team and share resources. You have helped me in my role as a leader to increase teamwork, accountability, and productivity.

Larry Mything
Kozey Holdings Ltd. and Tim Hortons Franchisee
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