Six Hour Strategy®

Has your leadership team spent months in countless meetings trying to develop a strategic plan? Are you tired of SWOT analysis and colored notes stuck all over the walls? Do your people dread strategy meetings as wasters of time, energy, and business oxygen?

It’s time to swat the SWOT because it doesn’t add value and, worse, gives a false sense of security. It’s time to put away the sticky notes because they don’t help good ideas stick. It’s time to get real: to quickly develop powerful strategies and implement them. Results come from implementation, not from binders and decks.

At a recent strategy session, I helped the division team of a global company to identify low-cost, high-impact strategies to connect with their best customers and prospects, proactively take control—and provide value—in ways that immediately benefit their customers and their company.

Six Hour Strategy® helps companies that previously took months to develop their multi-year strategic plans to now—IN ONE DAY—create results-focused and action-oriented strategies for their business that increase revenues, grow market share, engage and align people, strengthen differentiation, and attract more customers in a highly competitive global market.

Most importantly, Six Hour Strategy® will help you to create and deliver more value to your ideal customers so they get better results, buy more often, and refer their friends. Your customers’ results will drive your revenue growth.

Despite what many consultants and facilitators would like you to believe, your strategy is NOT about what you do. It’s not about your technical superiority in advising, building, connecting, developing, financing, growing, insuring, making, painting, repairing, strengthening, teaching, or even unraveling things. It’s not about you.

Strategy is about the value and results that you create for your customers and clients. It’s about the tangible and intangible, objective and subjective, measurable and immeasurable results you provide AND how you provide them. It’s about converting what you know and do into results for your customers.

In one day, our Six Hour Strategy® process will guide you and your team to develop growth strategies, metrics, and an implementation plan:

  1. Clarify your ideal future state that creates maximum value and impact for your customers, your company, and your shareholders.
  2. Analyze customers’ needs and competitors’ positions to establish new ways to position your company above the rest.
  3. Identify new revenue growth opportunities that will dramatically grow your business.
  4. Enhance and formalize your products and services to focus on your customers’ sweet spots and attract new customers.
  5. Launch high-tech and high-touch strategies to educate and inform your target markets and build trusting relationships with critical decision makers.
  6. Monitor progress in real-time and make immediate adjustments to increase traction and maximize your results.

Six Hour Strategy® helps companies to uncover their buried treasure…treasure that they can’t see because it’s invisible to them since they’re looking at it from the inside of what they do, instead of from the outside of their customers’ results.

“Phil’s strategy process helped us reposition our company and grow revenues 377%.”
–Ewen Morrison – Founder and President, EMW Industrial Ltd.

It’s time to put the sticky notes, three ring binders, and presentations away for good and develop a one-page action plan that will grow your brand, revenues, and profits by proactively providing more value to your ideal customers.

The next step is yours…Let’s schedule a conversation and see if you qualify for Six Hour Strategy®. Call Phil Symchych at 1-306-992-6177 or email at [email protected].