Leadership Team

Strengthening teamwork for bottom-line results

Without a strong management team, no mid-market company can fully achieve its mission, vision, and goals. These essential teams include any executives or managers who can fire or hire employees—or spend money without the approval of their boss.

Outside perspective, expertise, and innovative ideas for effective teamwork

While many mid-market companies try to grow management teams organically over time, that’s not always the best approach. Outside perspective, expertise, and innovative ideas for effective teamwork are often the keys to jumpstarting a successful management team. That’s exactly what Phil Symchych provides.

Here at SME Business Wealth Builder, Phil helps mid-market companies establish professional management teams that work seamlessly to align on common goals, achieve bottom-line results, and share real-time information for better decision making. Typical results include:

  • Foster understanding of the company “big picture” by getting all executives and managers in the same room
  • Exchange accurate business information on a consistent basis to break down harmful information silos among managers and executives
  • Share company-wide financial numbers with the management team to inform decisions they make to improve company results
  • Give executives and managers more control of cash flow parameters, selling margins, and customer selection to generate faster cash
  • Develop a strong team for management instead of a group of individual players whose information and goals are not aligned

Phil leads hands-on management meetings, conducts in-depth interviews of individual executives, and determines the best approach to building a management team at your organization.

If you’re ready to create a robust team of managers and executives to lead your mid-market company to success

Leadership Team Testimonials
Phil helped my management team to clearly focus on the most important and valuable opportunities to grow our business, work together as a team, measure their progress, and create serious momentum.

Marlaine McCauley
President, Apex Facility Resources, Inc.
You have helped my three managers and three stores work together as a team and share resources. You have helped me in my role as a leader to increase teamwork, accountability, and productivity.

Larry Mything
Kozey Holdings Ltd. and Tim Hortons Franchisee
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