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Planning tomorrow’s strategy, today

The most successful mid-market companies are prepared to buy a new business—or sell their own—at any time. This early preparation for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures helps companies grow strategically, with a strong focus on company valuation and shareholder value.

But most mid-market companies wait too long to make a plan. When the time comes to buy or sell, money is left on the table and value is lost. Phil Symchych helps mid-market organizations avoid this common pitfall by planning tomorrow’s strategy, today.

With a combination of real-time advice and analysis of long-term opportunities, Phil works closely with the management team to implement the best strategy for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Under Phil’s expert guidance, companies are able to:

  • Effectively cross-sell new services to existing customers, and existing services to new customers
  • Implement “tuck-in acquisitions” that fit vertically within their current offerings
  • Double revenues, profitability, and valuation to optimize the position of the company to acquire or be acquired
  • Professionalize the management team so that it can successfully develop strategic plans for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Double the return on investment of business acquisitions in just a few years

The payoff for planning ahead can be tremendous: Phil helped one company acquire a business for $5 million, and later sell it for over $60 million. He brings over 25 years of experience to help you expand your service offerings, obtain new customers, cross-sell effectively, or successfully position your company to be acquired.

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M&A Testimonials
Phil helped us acquire 136km or rail line along the Regina to Davidson route that was owned by CN.

Sheldon Affleck
President, Mobil Grain
He accelerated the process.

Lorne Schnell
President, Morsky Industrial Group
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