Growth – The Triple Double™

Accelerating profitable growth

Most mid-market companies focus on growing top-line revenues—but they overlook bottom-line profitability. This small-business mindset can lead to soaring costs and plummeting profits: As revenues climb, operations struggle to keep up.

If this sounds familiar to your organization, it’s time to stop thinking like a small business. Phil Symchych can lead the way.

If your mid-market company isn’t growing by at least 10% per year, then it’s shrinking.

Here at SME Business Wealth Builder, Phil accelerates profitable growth at mid-market companies with The Triple Double™ approach. It works by doubling three critical growth metrics:

  • Profitability
  • Revenues
  • Valuation

Under Phil’s expert guidance, existing business models finally turn a profit, while real-time management improves real-time performance. The result? Mid-market companies generate powerful internal resources that fuel growth moving forward.

If your mid-market company isn’t growing by at least 10% per year, then it’s shrinking. The Triple Double™ grows organizations by 50% or more, building wealth for shareholders and increasing value for customers. Phil works one-on-one with the executive team to accelerate profitable growth in the following ways:

  • Using key business metrics to assess performance and guide decision making, rather than outdated accounting metrics
  • Building a professional management team that can successfully develop and implement strategies for profitable growth
  • Increasing proactive sales over reactive sales to eliminate price competition, attract more desirable customers, and drive revenues
  • Leveraging real-time information from a convenient dashboard to gain a stronger understanding of results provided to customers
  • Developing strategic marketing initiatives to expand the reach of the brand and achieve higher company valuation
  • Enhancing workplace efficiency to increase employee productivity and improve overall work culture

The Triple Double™ is an integrated, proactive way to grow any mid-market company. Unlike large accounting firms who rely on a static checklist of financial metrics, Phil brings hands-on expertise, a holistic view of the business, and over 25 years of experience to grow every key area of your company.

Are you ready to double the profitability, revenues, and valuation of your mid-market company?

Triple Double Testimonials
The results were fast. We increased revenues and profits in the first month of working together. Phil’s insights helped us to build on our strengths and position ourselves to continue to be the leaders in our industry.

Marlaine McCauley
President, Apex Facility Resources, Inc.
Phil has been helping us grow our business. We have quadrupled our revenues and achieved a much greater level of control.

Zlatan Fazlagic
Principal, Look Matters (now Look Agency)
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