President’s Trusted Advisor

Hands-on expertise to guide the way

It can be lonely at the top: Presidents at mid-market companies face a dizzying array of responsibilities every day. From developing business strategy and managing major customer relationships, to increasing brand awareness and improving operations—it’s not an easy job to do alone.

That’s why Phil Symchych offers one-on-one strategic advisory for mid-market company presidents.

Business Growth Consulting for Swift and Measurable Results

Phil brings over 25 years of expertise to help you strategically lead your company. You’ll improve communication with direct reports, develop a long-term business strategy, and build powerful shareholder value. Typical results include:

  • Drawing in exceptional executive talent at the COO and CFO levels
  • Growing the company’s employee base by two times or more
  • Increasing revenues, profitability, and valuation by two times or more
  • Attracting debt and equity funding to finance profitable growth
  • Bringing in larger customers in both new and existing markets
  • Expanding the company’s global reach to new geographic markets
  • Developing effective fiduciary and advisory boards to strengthen governance
  • Establishing a secure financial future for the company president
  • Increasing business flexibility and resources to pursue valuable opportunities

As your strategic advisor, Phil is a sounding board for every business decision you make—and every business problem that comes your way. It’s time to lead strategically, while building a strong management team that can implement your strategy and stay in control of the business.

Stealth Mode

President’s Strategic Advisor is also available in Stealth Mode. Ideal for newer presidents or those undertaking new strategic initiatives, Stealth Mode enables you to meet one-on-one with Phil off-site, away from your management team.

Work with Phil to position yourself for success, and then return to lead your team with renewed confidence. Stealth Mode can be as broad in scope as your needs require, continuing for a year or longer. Working with Phil in this private way will boost your credibility, increase your strategic value, and hone your leadership skills—all while strengthening your influence at work.

To learn more about how Phil’s real-time advice on business strategy can create powerful shareholder value at your mid-market company.

Presidents Trusted Advisor Testimonials
That’s the most valuable thing that Phil does: business owners need knowledge and security, and with Phil they know that they can always ask for advice when they need it.

Zlatan Fazlagic
Principal, Look Matters (now Look Agency)
Phil can strategize and I needed a sounding board.

Lorne Schnell
President, Morsky Industrial Group
Mr. Symchych helped me grow in my management skills and securely position MuniSoft for the future.

Donna Dynna
President, MuniSoft
Most importantly, you helped me to establish priorities in my business and personal life. This resulted in reduced stress and a much higher quality of life.

Kelly Ozem
Chartered Accountant
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