Financial Performance

Top financial performance requires building strong credibility with bankers, expertly managing cash flow, and constantly mitigating financial risk.

Phil Symchych speaks “banker language” and can help your mid-market organization decode the keys to a better approach to funding. In the insights below, Phil delves into the difference between profit and cash flow, the dangers of competing on price, and other powerful tips to help you successfully navigate the finance world.


Mistakes Business Owners Make in Generating Profits
Phil discusses pricing and costs
The Difference between Profit and Cash Flow
The Difference between Profit and Cash Flow
Cash flow is a major concern
Cash flow is a major concern

Profit Pirates
Profit Pirates
Are you ready to double the profitability, revenues, and valuation of your mid-market company?

Finance Testimonials
Phil’s work was key in the successful financing of client’s growth plans. Our clients were able to achieve their financial goals and objectives, and I was able to lend into a risk-reduced opportunity.

Doug Yaremko
Senior Client Relationship Manager, Scotiabank
He looks at the client holistically. I trust the financing package information he submits to the bank.

Catherine Vanderzwan
Account Manager, Scotiabank
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