Financial Strategist

One of the keys to profitable growth for any company is strong financial management. Yet many high growth small/medium companies have very busy accounting departments. Their Chief Financial Officer, if they have one, may be involved with financial reporting, banking, financing, internal management reports, negotiations, and perhaps even IT and payroll. The internal accountants are focused on managing working capital, preparing the monthly financial statements, and keeping government reporting up to date. There’s a lot to do each month.

The longer the accounting department spends on compliance and external reporting each month, the less time they have for management and internal reporting each month.

If your accounting department is issuing the month end reports on the 20th or 25th of each month, that doesn’t leave much time for helping management measure and improve business performance and results.

Growth will need even more resources and expertise. That means even less time on internal reporting and management. We can help your current CFO, controller, and accounting department become the information heroes of your business.

How to Manage Your Business Finances
That’s where Phil steps in. As a financial strategist, he can strengthen your existing accounting and finance resources. He’ll provide the high-level strategies and recommendations regarding management reporting, financing, pricing, and funding growth, that can propel your business to the next level.

Phil’s expertise will:

  • compliment the skills of your CFO and controller
  • help your team to develop and enhance systems that give you better information, faster
  • complete your month end and year end reporting more quickly
  • help your business build more credibility with customers so they order more from you
  • build more credibility with shareholders so they support you, and
  • build more credibility with your bankers so they finance your business and support your growth.

How To Grow Your Business
His FLASH reports that generate daily or weekly information on sales, production, and cash flow are instrumental in controlling and accelerating your growth. Information gives you the ability to make better decisions and increase your results.

The most important resource you need for growth isn’t cash, it’s information.

For more information on how Phil can strengthen your existing accounting department, transfer his skills to them, and enhance your operating and information systems to build your credibility and improve your results, give Phil a call.

CFO Advisor Testimonials
Phil provides professional financial management at a Chief Financial Officer’s level.

Doug Yaremko
Director of a global bank
Immediately, Phil helped us organize our budgets, prepare necessary presentations (for bankers) and develop processes and implement them to help us run the company more smoothly.

Ken Pickering
President, Globe-Elite Electrical Contractors
Phil is someone I confidently refer clients to on a regular basis. He is highly qualified. (He creates) a concise and manageable plan for his clients to reach their goals.

Catherine Vanderzwan
Account Manager, Scotiabank
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