Wealth Building

It’s one thing to grow your business. It’s another thing entirely to build your own wealth.

That’s why Phil Symchych specializes in helping owners and founders fuel their personal growth. Through work-life balance, improved leadership, better financing decisions, and clear-cut plans for the future, anyone can become a master at their own wealth building. Below, you’ll find some of Phil’s best insights on how to thrive—not just survive—by building your wealth.


Why take vacations

How to improve life balance

Wealth Building Part 2

How to leverage your banker for growth

Banker survey findings

Top 3 Traits of Successful Businesses

Surviving vs. Thriving

How to fuel your future growth

Wealth Building Part 3

Your Banker is a Wealth of Information

3 Key Factors to Maximize Wealth

Working In Your Business vs. On Your Business

Wealth Building Part 1

Leadership – Introduction

How bankers evaluate your business

These Plans Will Provide Clear Direction


Getting the Best Advice from your Banker
How can your banker help you grow your business.
Developing Leadership Skills in your Team
Phil discusses how to build leadership skills in your team
Be Prepared for Success
Be Prepared for Success
What makes SME Business Wealth Builder special
What makes SME Business Wealth Builder special

Getting the Best Advice from your Accountant
What questions you should ask your accountant.
Key Strategic Steps
How to develop and implement a successful strategy
Phil Symchych discusses strategy
Phil Symchych discusses strategy

Getting the most from your Lawyer
Phil describes methods to maximize your attorney
Why is a Contingency Plan Important?
Why is a contingency plan so important anyway?
What is a contingency plan and why you need one
What is a contingency plan and why you need one
Are you ready to double the profitability, revenues, and valuation of your mid-market company?

Triple Double Testimonials
The results were fast. We increased revenues and profits in the first month of working together. Phil’s insights helped us to build on our strengths and position ourselves to continue to be the leaders in our industry.

Marlaine McCauley
President, Apex Facility Resources, Inc.
Phil has been helping us grow our business. We have quadrupled our revenues and achieved a much greater level of control.

Zlatan Fazlagic
Principal, Look Matters (now Look Agency)
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