Leading Positive Change

Leading positive change is an effective method for achieving long-term and permanent change that can become part of an organization’s culture (Whetten & Cameron). The five steps for positive change are:

  1. Establish a positive climate where the culture and environment reflect the founder’s values, treat people with respect and help people to develop and grow.
  2. Create readiness by establishing benchmarks and measuring actual performance against the benchmarks.
  3. Articulating a vision that reflects the founder’s purpose and values for creating the business.
  4. Generating commitment by providing timely, relevant information to all people so they can self-assess their performance in terms of the SME’s goals and objectives.
  5. Implementing the vision and creating sustained momentum by creating a workforce that believes in the vision, a workforce that receives information so they can make decisions, and a workforce that is self-motivated. This frees the owner from having to continually monitor staff in a managerial role to being able to focus on the future and grow the business in a leadership role.