A better approach to funding growth

Since the 2008 banking crisis, it’s crucial that mid-market companies have multiple financing options at their fingertips. At the same time, bankers today are more focused on numbers and ratios than ever before. Mid-market businesses must know how to influence those key ratios to convince bankers to lend them money for company growth.

The difference between begging banks for money—and making bankers compete for your business

That’s where Phil Symcych steps in. Phil has spent over 25 years helping companies build credibility with bankers, manage cash flow, mitigate financial risk, and accelerate business growth.

Phil speaks “banker language” so you don’t have to. He provides hands-on, expert guidance on financing, leaving you to focus on what you care about most: Cash flow and customers. Real-world results at mid-market companies include:

  • Expanding operations by funding and acquiring new equipment
  • Increasing ownership of land and buildings for more facilities and capacity
  • Optimizing “good debt” by borrowing wisely to support long-term growth
  • Achieving flexible financing, such as leasing, without ties to bank covenants
  • Introducing new bankers to increase lines of credit and other fuel for growth
  • Professionalizing the management team for better financial governance

Don’t leave your financing options up to chance. Working with Phil to optimize financing for your mid-market company is the difference between begging banks for money—and making bankers compete for your business.

If you’re ready to start fueling massive growth at your company

Finance Testimonials
Phil’s work was key in the successful financing of client’s growth plans. Our clients were able to achieve their financial goals and objectives, and I was able to lend into a risk-reduced opportunity.

Doug Yaremko
Senior Client Relationship Manager, Scotiabank
He looks at the client holistically. I trust the financing package information he submits to the bank.

Catherine Vanderzwan
Account Manager, Scotiabank
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