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Planning for succession is key to building long-term success at every mid-market company. It’s also essential to creating value for shareholders, customers, and employees. Unfortunately, the vast majority of founders fail to address succession in advance, causing major disruption to the organization and its primary stakeholders.

Phil approaches succession planning as an ongoing, critical process for company growth.

For over 25 years, Phil Symchych has helped companies establish strong, smart plans for succession of ownership and management. Phil approaches succession planning as an ongoing, critical process for company growth. The powerful results for mid-market companies include:

  • Identifying at least one successor for each key position in the company
  • Developing the skills of employees and executives to constantly improve their value
  • Attracting and retaining talent at the executive level to enhance the company’s competitive position
  • Establishing clear plans for succession far in advance, both of company ownership and management
  • Protecting the wealth of the company founder by using legal structures such as family trusts and holding companies
  • Bringing in new shareholders to the company, both from the employee base and from outside the business, for increased revenue growth
  • Improving credibility with large customers by showing there is a strong succession plan in place

Phil is a firm believer in the power of succession planning to strengthen company leadership and elevate mid-market businesses to the next level of success. Recently, he helped a mid-market company founder bring in 15 new shareholders as part of a succession plan. The direct result was 450% revenue growth in 2016 alone.

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Founders Testimonials
Phil helped me transition out of my leadership role and into retirement. The company continues to thrive.

Donna Dynna
Founder and former President
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