The Business Wealth Builders:
Accelerating Business Growth, Maximizing Profits, and Creating Wealth

This book provides pragmatic advice for business owners of privately-held, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on how to grow business, increase top line revenues and bottom line profits, enhance the value of their companies, and build their business wealth.

Phil’s Profit Points
Volume One

An advice-filled book from the financial strategist who has helped to turn busy entrepreneurs into wealthy entrepreneurs.

How to Increase Profit

“How To Increase Profit” drills down to the basics so that you can control and improve the four factors that drive profitability in any business. We show you how price discounting is dangerous to your bottom line. By focusing on the value that you provide to your customer, and communicating this effectively, you can accelerate the profits in your business.

The Four Pillars of Profitable Growth

“The Four Pillars of Profitable Growth” gives you a powerful framework to dramatically grow your business and profits. The Four Pillars will help you to get control of your business, simplify the complex, and focus you on your most profitable opportunities and customers.