The Four Pillars of Profitable Growth

“The Four Pillars of Profitable Growth” audio book gives you a powerful framework to dramatically grow your business and profits. The Four Pillars will show you how to build on the following:

  • Purpose: What is the purpose of your business?
  • Process: How do you do what you do so that it can be done faster, better and more profitably?
  • Performance: What are the most important behaviors that create results and what are the measures of those results?
  • Perspective: How do you keep your priorities in focus and moving towards your goals?

The Four Pillars will help you to get control of your business, simplify the complex, and focus you on your most profitable opportunities and customers.


“We’ve had other consultants before and Phil is the first one that has been able to help the management team to build an action plan that keeps people focused. The ‘Four Pillars’ is an effective process for aligning people and holding them accountable”

– Laureen Lacusta