Who’s in better shape: Business owners or multi-million dollar athletes?

One of my friends is a fitness and nutrition guru. Why? Because he wants to be and he thrives by exercising, eating healthy, and feeling good. Oh, and he’s a partner in a high-growth, high-profit firm in a competitive industry. His business performs better because he performs better.

As a business owner, you’re responsible for feeding your employees’ families, your suppliers’ families, and taking care of your customers. That’s a lot of responsibilities. It makes a golf putt or bases loaded situation seem insignificant. And it should. Because your bases are loaded every day.

Multi-million dollar athletes play exciting sports that entertain us, especially when they win. Yet these athletes can be replaced in mere minutes by the next upcoming star. You can’t be replaced that easily, if at all.

That’s why you need to be in better shape than a professional athlete. One of your largest business risks is your personal health.

How is your health?

  1. When was your last complete physical check up?
  2. What is your weight?
  3. What is your waist circumference (this is a leading health risk indicator)?
  4. How regularly do you exercise?
  5. How is your stress level?
  6. How strong is your support network, both in your business and at home?
  7. What do you do for fun?
  8. When was your last vacation?
  9. How healthy is your nutrition (you are what you eat)?
  10. How well do you sleep at night?

What can you do to improve your health, reduce your business risk, and increase your wealth?

Your health is a key factor in creating and protecting your business wealth.

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