Sales lessons from the Ex

I’m never eating one and a half elephant ears again, never! But they looked great and you could smell the flavour a mile away. After all, eating junk food is part of the Exhibition tradition.

A walk through the bustling booths, perspiring patrons and teenagers soaking wet from the Niagara Falls waterslide exposes you to the very old tradition of sales: “Hey, buddy, wanna win something for your kids/wife/dog?”

In your business, how are you:

  1. getting your customer’s attention amidst a lot of noise and distraction?
  2. asking for the sale?
  3. appealing to your customer’s emotions?
  4. making it fun?
  5. helping them trade up to a larger purchase?
  6. thanking them for their business?
  7. encouraging them to return?

If you do all of the above consistently, document the process, train everyone on the importance of your customers, and measure (daily!) the results, you will be a sales expert just like the guys and gals at the carnival.

Copyright 2010 Phil Symchych. All Rights Reserved.

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