May I ask Who's Calling, Please?

Ring, ring.

Receptionist: Good afternoon, this is ABC Company. (answers on second ring, that’s a good sign!)

Me: Good afternoon, may I speak to Bob, please?

Receptionist: May I ask who is calling?

Me: Yes, it’s Phil Symchych.

Receptionist: Just a minute, please.

Pause, wait, on hold…

Receptionist: I’m sorry, Bob is not available right now. May I take a message?

Me: Sure, it’s Phil Symchych.

Receptionist: Can you spell that?

Me: Yes, F-I-L-L…

Business advice: Don’t screen your calls unless you are trying to make me feel like an intrusion. After all, I’m calling because I have some business for you!

Copyright 2010. Phil Symchych. All Rights Reserved.

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