Hey, big tipper…

Erin, my niece, is a go-getter and is putting herself* through medical school by waiting on tables and shlepping beer. Dealing with people who are enjoying a cold one will be great training for the emergency room where she will likely meet some people who had too many cold ones.

Here are some of her tips on how to get bigger tips:

  1. Always give lots of change. If the bill is $4.75 and they give you a twenty, don’t give them a ten, a five, and a quarter. Or, you just may end up with a twenty-five cent tip. Give them two fives, two toonies (that’s two bucks in Canadian), a loonie (well, that’s a buck) and the quarter. Chances are you will make more than two bits. That’s smart.
  2. For large groups that pool their cash or credit cards to pay one large bill, and the tip is miniscule, put the exact change back on the table. When a $195.37 tab leaves a tip of $4.63, give them back their EXACT change. Everyone assumes that everyone else will leave the tip, and no one does. I blame management on this one. When I dine out with large groups in the U.S. at nice restaurants, they automatically add 15% for ‘service’ so as to eliminate the lack of tips. Waiting tables is a profession in some countries and this is an excellent practice.
  3. Provide something of value at low or no cost. Salty peanuts, anyone? It increases customer satisfaction and consumption.

What are you doing to make it easier for your customers to give you more money?

Are your customers spending 15% or more on extras?

As a manager, what are you doing to reward (and retain!) your best people? Because, if you don’t, someone else will.

*Rumour has it that the parents are strong supporters of this educational endeavour…something about free health care in the future, I think.

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