What can a good board of directors do for mid-market company CEOs?

A good board of directors will help you, as the leader, in several ways, including:

  1. Think more strategically and less tactically
  2. Leverage your strengths
  3. Compensate for your weaknesses
  4. Improve your analysis and decision making
  5. Think longer term than the next quarter or your to-do list
  6. Balance customer opportunities with resources and shareholder expectations
  7. Reduce your risk
  8. Help you see the blind spots
  9. Bring experience and expertise to you as a resource
  10. Build your team
  11. Access new customers and markets
  12. Build credibility with bankers, investors, and private equity
  13. Make you smarter
  14. Accelerate your success
  15. Help you grow as a CEO
  16. Think and act like you’re running a much larger company because, by following their advice, you soon will be.

Life…and business…are team sports. As the CEO, you’ve got lots resting on your shoulders. A board will help you to lighten your burden so you can move more quickly.

If you’re suffering from founder-itis where you are resisting a board for fear of giving up control, that fear is unfounded. A good board will help you and your company to improve performance and grow.

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