Use the Web to Accelerate Business Growth

I tried to pay my insurance bill through my online banking today. But my bank’s system could not find my insurance company as a payee, even though they are the largest insurance broker in the province. That’s frustrating.

If the banks want us to use online banking instead of visiting tellers, then they should make it as easy as possible to do that. Not all banks are created equal. I have a different bank for business purposes and the online banking power is truly amazing. To grow my business with ecommerce, I’ve partnered with my business bank. They get ecommerce and business growth.

Last week, I ordered a new briefcase online. This week, I started getting calls from UPS about my shipment, which was stuck at the border. The border? I ordered on a Canadian website and paid in Canadian dollars. What is my shipment doing at the border. Fortunately, I was able to go to the store and buy the exact briefcase. Then, I called the retailer and told them to cancel the order, refund all of my money including shipping, and to improve their service or I would shop elsewhere. Your business won’t grow if your customers can’t receive their orders.

Both of these companies are huge, international entities, and they can’t get ecommerce right. It’s not that difficult to use the web to grow your business. You just need to test your own system and make sure that it works. You also need to listen to your customers and fix what annoys them to accelerate business growth.

In your business, how easy is it for your customers to place an order, track a shipment, and pay you?

Remember, you can’t make it too easy or too much fun for your customers to do business with you on the web.

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