Ten Power Tips to Increase Business Performance and Profits in any Economy

“Profits are the reward for good strategy, good decisions, and good actions.”

Phil Symchych

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If you’re playing defense, you’re not going to win. Tough times, especially these times, will reward those who play offense, who play to win.

Today, I want to share ten powerful and pragmatic processes to play offense and help you grow your profits in any economy.

Figure 61.1 Ten Ways to Increase Performance and Profits in any Economy

If you’d like to discuss how any or all of these ideas can be applied to your business, give me a call.

Growing your profits is about:

  • increasing the value you provide to your customers
  • enhancing the market’s awareness about your valuable products and services
  • improving the efficiency of your production and delivery
  • proactively helping your best customers and prospects to achieve their goals, and
  • continually strengthening your balance sheet and financial foundation.

Remember, “You can’t shrink your way to greatness,” as Tom Peters, the author of In Search of Excellence, says.

Growing your profits is about growing your business. If you’re not intentionally growing, you’re shrinking. Shrinking can force you to play defense. It’s up to you to decide to play offense.

Are you focused on growing your profits and playing offense?

There are opportunities to capture new customers and acquire market share that exist now that may not exist again until the next economic disruption. It’s time for offense!

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