In North America, trillions of dollars of business wealth is tied up in operating companies owned by people who want to or need to retire in the next few years.

Business owners are further constrained by the dual roles they have: owner and manager. Our “SIX HOUR SUCCESSION(tm)” process divides and conquers these dual roles so that we can look at you and your business objectively and position both for future success.

If a portion of your personal wealth is sitting inside your operating company, and you don’t have a clear succession or transition plan, it’s time for “SIX HOUR SUCCESSION(tm).”

In one day, we will:

  1. Discuss your personal goals, business goals, industry dynamics, and growth opportunities in order to establish reasonable timelines for succession and transition plans.
  2. Analyze your business  and legal structures to identify opportunities for creating and protecting your wealth.
  3. Review your business financial statements and historical performance to determine opportunities for profit improvement that can build your wealth.
  4. Assess your management organizational chart to identify key positions that can improve the value of your company and create more freedom for you.
  5. Develop a succession plan that includes business growth to increase your wealth, development of successors in management to create freedom for you, optimal structures that create and protect your wealth, and a plan to guide your successful transition.

Many people defer succession planning because they’re busy running their business and they don’t know where to start with succession planning. Putting this off only reduces your flexibility and limits your options for a successful transition.

We can help you protect your wealth and develop a successful transition plan for your dual roles as manager and owner. To learn more about “SIX HOUR SUCCESSION(tm)” please call me at 1-306-569-9111 ext. 7 or send an email to “info at”



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