Speed is important in business. Connecting with your customers quickly and efficiently, before your competitors do, is critical to protecting and growing your revenue base. Continually developing and implementing new strategies can improve customer retention and attract new customers.

To help you grow your business in real time, I’ve developed a unique and powerful offering that I call “SIX HOUR BUSINESS(tm)” that helps you create a growth plan in one day.

This service includes:

  1. Analyzing your numbers so we know which products, services, and customers are your most profitable and least profitable.
  2. Assessing your capacity in marketing, sales, operations, finance, and management so we know where your power lies and how to fix the gaps.
  3. Uncovering your key strategic value where you make a powerful economic contribution to your customers and their results.
  4. Identifying your opportunities for growth in revenues, profits, and valuation, or what I call “The Triple Double(tm).”
  5. Developing an action plan to guide your management team, overcome obstacles, and align your resources to achieve your growth goals.

Yes, we can do this in one day. After all, you’ve got a business to run. This will give you the game plan to run it better.

For more information on how to implement “SIX HOUR BUSINESS(tm)” in your business, please call me at 1-306-569-9111 ext. 7″ or send an email to “info at” and we will have a complimentary discussion about your business and goals.


Full speed ahead!


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