Reading tea leaves – the future of David's Tea

The future for David’s Tea looks great.

My first visit to David’s Tea in our  local mall reminded me of a visit to a very cool place where enthusiastic employees are genuinely excited about their products, know the product information inside and out, and help you buy cool stuff. It was a great experience.

That’s right, David’s Tea is the Apple store of tea.

Thank goodness Starbuck’s has some decent competition, without the snobbery, complicated names and long line ups of annoying coffee snobs.

I stocked up my new office with a variety of new tea flavours that I didn’t even know existed, because, well, they didn’t exist in my market.

Magda, the brown-eyed and beautiful tea expert, was most patient with my questions and actually appeared to enjoy my naivety. I’m pleased to report that I’m no longer a sophisticated tea virgin.

I stocked up my new car with a fancy new stainless steel travel press in pearl, to match my oyster leather interior (I’m not making this up!).

My kids are rolling their eyes at my childlike excitement, new tea purchases, and the fact I spent the equivalent of their two months allowance in a tea store.

Thanks, David. You’re an entrepreneurial genius.

I wish you much steeped success.

Best regards,


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