Kid Rock and Bon Jovi – Rock and Roll Lessons for Business

Under a golden prairie sunset, Kid Rock opened the Bon Jovi concert last night by thanking us for spending our hard-earned money to come to the concert. Mr. Rock interacted with the audience using our city name and local terms throughout his energetic set and clearly communicated his expectations that he wanted us standing on our feet, cheering wildly.

Jon Bon Jovi – according to my wife – really connected with his female fans (of all ages) who were there in droves. The show was an incredible display of his talent and diversity to be a rock star for some 27 years. The band played 23 songs (one of them twice!) to a packed house of 35,000 standing, singing, dancing fans who are more accustomed to football than Sambora’s fifteen electric guitars.

Bon Jovi played his new song “This Is Our House” twice because they’ve never played it live before and wanted to record the videos. The crowd was thrilled to be part of the video and were even louder for the second take.

What are the lessons for business?
1. Thank your customers for coming to your business. They all have a choice. Show your appreciation. It will even differentiate you.
2. Personalize your interactions and service and don’t treat everyone the same.
3. Be enthusiastic and engaging. Customers aren’t an interruption to your day, they are the reason for your existence.
4. Ask your customers if they would help you create a new product or service.
5. Have multiple ways for your customer to do business with you, from the event tickets, to all the T-shirts and memorabilia.
6. Maximize the customer’s experience. Is dealing with your business so much fun people are taking pictures of themselves and texting their buddies about where they are and what they’re doing?
7. Have fun doing what you do, and your customers will have fun with you.

The more fun your customers have, the more profitable you will be. Just ask the rock stars who grossed over $2 million in one day!

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  1. Much like Mick Jagger’s impression of Regina on their recent tour, too.

    Entertaining site, Phil. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Murray.

    It’s amazing how these rock stars have figured out they are in the entertainment business and are starting to protect their long-term earning capacity by, gasp, working out and taking care of themselves.

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