DUDs – Dumb Unilateral Decisions – Diet Coke, please?

DUDs is my acronym for “Dumb Unilateral Decisions” by management of large companies and organizations. After all, since they’re bigger than small and medium businesses, shouldn’t they be managed better?

Here is a true story that happened the other day at a stadium that regularly holds events for 30,000 or more people.

My wife to stadium concession staff: May I have a diet coke please?

Staffer: Sorry, we don’t have diet sodas. Is it due to a medical condition?

Wife: Yes, I don’t want to get fat!

Staffer: Sorry, if you were a diabetic, we could provide a diet soda. Otherwise, you have to a regular soda.

Wife: Arrrr! (now with hyper-tension symptoms!)

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