Attention Walmart Managers

After extensive entertaining and consuming over the holidays, we needed to restock some basic supplies. So, it was a ‘milk, eggs and dog treats’ run to the local Walmart on New Year’s Day.

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones clear-headed enough to brave the chilly weather and weary crowds on January 1st. There were 22 people ahead of us in the express line. And a few behind us.

It took us 12 minutes and 28 seconds to traverse the line and make it through the check out. Now, Walmart regularly saves everyone money. But are they really saving me cash when they waste my time standing in line?

Where were the managers to observe this and find more cashiers? What’s the potential loss from frustrating a customer so they shop somewhere else? For a company that grew to global dominance because of its highly automated supply chain information systems, maybe they should allocate some technology to monitor the fidgeting, restless customers standing impatiently in line.

I even sent the kids for a healthy, caffeinated, sugary, chocolate and whipped cream covered mocca ice cap from Tim Hortons located in the Super-centre. Maybe that’s the strategy: increase sales to other businesses while we stand in line. And what I saved on stuff I spent on drinks for the kids. At least the kids received value.

The cashier and I had a chuckle after the kids dropped the eggs (too much sugar and caffeine) and she informed me that we had already paid for them. Fortunately, none were broken.

Next time, I’m going to Safeway. The price might be higher, but there is virtually no waiting.

Now, that’s a deal!

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  1. You needed to be with me at safeway on December 24th. I wanted in the express, self serve line, waiting for two tills because two of the self serve tills were down, while one lady proceeded to try and checkout an entire cart of groceries. I had the similar wait time.

    However, a manager did notice i was only carrying two items and quickly took me to her till and got me on my way.

    Moral of the story, it’s hard to predict customer load. Safeway had all the tills operating and we still had to wait. sometimes you just have to be a patient loyal customer.

  2. Kevin,

    Thanks for your post.

    Safeway has a higher level of customer service and attention than Walmart, as you pointed out. If you ask a Safeway employee where something is, they will take you to the product. If you can find a Walmart employee to ask, they’ll tell you which aisle the product is in, maybe.

    Safeway also knows they are in the fast food business. Speed relates to customer in and out times.

    Walmart’s strategic core competence is product distribution and low pricing. Safeway’s is customer service and convenience at higher prices.


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