Are you hiding behind email? Three steps to building relationships for business growth.

Admit it, when you’ve been busy, you fire off a quick email to a prospect or client, and check them off your ‘to do’ list. But, it’s not done.

Many business people get one hundred or more email messages every day. If they spend two hours a day on email, that’s about one minute per email. Is that sufficient for you to strengthen your relationship with a customer or establish a new relationship with a prospect? I don’t think so. And, you’re just adding to their daily email burden instead of helping them grow their business.

Don’t hide behind email. Here are better alternatives:

  1. Prioritize your business growth by focusing on, first, existing clients who already know you and trust you, and then on new prospects.
  2. Personalize your communication by calling them, having a short video session, or, and I know this is crazy, go and visit them.
  3. Send them a personal note. I received a hand-written thank you card in the mail last week from a former client whom I had taken for lunch. Her personal touch elevates her standing in my books. She knows how to strengthen relationships!

Business is about a professional relationship between two people where they help each other.

It’s time to get personal!

Phil Symchych – The Business Wealth Builder

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