Winter Tires

The first time we hit the ditch, I was a kid sleeping in the back seat when my Dad hit some black ice. Our big Oldsmobile 88, wearing all season tires, lost traction, ploughed through the ditch and right into a farmer’s field. The best part was my Dad just kept on driving, snow flying everywhere, and got us out of that field. We got off very lucky. No one got hurt, and I’ve got a good story to tell.

We’ve had some crazy winter weather recently. Extreme cold, followed by mild weather with a nice dose of freezing rain, followed by more snow to disguise the ice below. For those of us on the road every week, winter tires are the right tool for the job.

Quebec legislated winter tires in 2008. Since then, according to a Globe and Mail article, collisions have decreased by 17 percent and accidents causing serious injury or death are down by 36 percent in Quebec.

Winter tires reduce the risk of serious injury or death in an accident by more than one-third.

One of my clients requires all passenger vehicles in its fleet of 40 vehicles to have winter-rated tires, designated with the snowflake symbol.

Some people (you know who you are) who drive all-wheel drive vehicles think they don’t need winter tires. Although four-wheel drive helps with acceleration, it does nothing for cornering and braking. When I used to drive my front wheel drive Honda Accord with winter tires, I used to pass lots of 4x4s that were in the ditch. I think “4×4” is an acronym for “false sense of security.”

That’s why winter tires, with their special rubber compound pliable in cold weather and unique tread pattern, provide increased traction in snow, ice, and even dry pavement in cold weather.

Winter tires are the right tools for the job.

In your business, do your vehicles have winter tires?

What risks are you or your employees taking that you could reduce or eliminate with the right tools?

From selling, to order taking, delivery, invoicing, and collecting, what risks do you have in terms of information accuracy and speed, employee safety, talent retention, customer satisfaction, and profit protection?

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