What's the one thing…

What’s the one thing that, if you implemented successfully, would move your business forward significantly?

At a dinner with fellow consultants from the U.S. and Canada (well, me, as the token Canadian), we discussed this question as the sun set over the bay and we pondered our existence.

Here are some of the responses:

  1. Accelerating execution – getting important stuff done faster.
  2. Systematizing the business so others could help to move things along, including clients and subcontractors or employees.
  3. Seeking and leveraging referrals from great clients.
  4. Focusing on providing significantly more value in order to win better work.
  5. Asking for referrals from heavy hitters and spheres of influence.
  6. Being in the moment, and creating more moments, where our input and influence were driving success.
  7. Focusing on developing a product/service that exemplified a thought leadership position in the market.

Which of these could you implement in your business? What else would move your business (and you) up to the next level?

Thinking is the hardest work. Often, successful business owners and entrepreneurs are ‘too busy’ to think. If you’re too busy to do the thinking in your business, then who is doing the thinking?

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