What Is Your 2020 Plan?

Can you see your 2020 plans and results with the clarity of 20/20 vision?

Seeing into the future is not possible. That’s why you need a written plan to grow your business, increase revenues and profits, enhance business valuation, and build your business wealth. You might not be able to see your future clearly, but you may certainly create it with clarity and confidence.

Here is a framework to help you plan to have your best year ever in 2020. This is the structure that I use with my global clients to help them accelerate their results.

Feel free to copy and past the table, then put your responses in the right column.

Information Sample Response
1. What are the quantifiable results you deliver to your clients? State specifics. Lower cost of ownership. Faster. Better.
2. How are you different from your competitors? For example, how do you minimize common irritants in your industry. Don’t worry about being better, just be different.
3. What is your unique value proposition that is sustainable and differentiated? This is strategy. Mine is: I provide measurable results and a positive ROI to my clients, quickly.
4. What is your ideal future state? This is where you want to be in the future. Dream big.
5. Who is your ideal client? Describe them by psychographics, and their thinking, as well as demographics, location, industry, size.
6. Who are your target 10 new clients and target 10 best existing clients? Keep this list short. It takes lots of action and contact to create a sale. If your list is too long, you’ll never convert anyone.
7. How can you best reach your ideal new clients and existing clients? The goal is to get a personal meeting with a decision maker or buyer.
8. What are the quarterly goals that demonstrate real progress? Drilled down, what are the weekly goals and actions required? These need to be related to sales, clients, transaction size, and products or services developed and sold.
9. What is the weekly schedule for action and meeting your ideal clients and generating new business? You can control a week. This is the optimal time in business. It’s the hundred-yard dash.
10. What are the potential obstacles and plans to overcome them? When you expect issues, you’ll be more prepared to deal with them. Be persistent.
11. Who is accountable for what? High performing companies help their people to perform and hold them accountable.

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