Wealth Builder Business Lunch Update for Business Owners

Today at lunch, I hosted several business owners, a CPA, and a private wealth banker. We talked about the strengths of our diversified local economy, celebrating 30 years in business for a couple of entrepreneurs, and how important it is to have your will updated and current.

Did you know: Wealth is much easier to manage when you can keep it instead of giving it to the government. Update your will! Plan for tax! Use insurance to protect your wealth!

The main ideas about growth were to use technology to:

  1. grow through acquisition and manage remote locations
  2. expand our reach to attract new customers and clients
  3. interact with coaching clients around the world
  4. use video to train employees, and
  5. share our knowledge with customers and clients through video access when they need the information.

How can you use technology to grow your business?

What can you learn from your clients and customers if you took them for lunch?

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