Thinking Big

2011 is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

Operational gravity, or the routines of our day-to-day duties at home and at work, is the strongest force preventing us from achieving great things.

We mistake the to-do items on our calendar for goals, and assume that getting things done represents success.

Three or four small goals will not change your world.

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do? How can you make the world, or at least your little corner, a better place?

In fact, failing is not a failure. Failing is learning. Not trying anything new is failing, in my books.

What resources do you have or can you acquire: knowledge, expertise, mentors, coaches, financial, staffing, systems and processes, support of your clients and customers, family and friends.

I see people trying to cram too much “administrivia” into their daily schedule and not enough “let’s make a difference actions” into their week or their life.

My recipe for thinking big: Aim high, ask for help, think long term.

Here are ten tactics to Thinking Big:

  1. Schedule time each week, sacrosanct and uninterrupted, to think big, learn about where your talents can be maximized, meet with successful people (they are amazingly generous as long as you don’t waste their time), and figure out what you can really do. When you get clarity on the ‘what,’ the ‘how’ will be easy to determine.
  2. Schedule a full day one a quarter to reflect on your progress, aim higher and further out, and rejuvenate yourself around your goals.
  3. Accomplish something important towards your major goals every day. Don’t waste time thinking its productive relaxation.
  4. Keep your goals in front of you. Athletes always know where the goal posts are. What are your goal posts?
  5. Get regular exercise, lots of sleep, good nutrition, and time to play. The purpose of your body is to carry around your brain. Your brain’s purpose is to help you make great decisions and take actions that will maximize the quality of your life and others’ lives. You are an athlete, whether you want to be or not.
  6. If you don’t have a personal assistant, you are a personal assistant. Delegate or subcontract everything that you can to free up your time for the more important things in your life: personal relationships, exercise, socializing and thinking big.
  7. Get the energy suckers and negative people out of your life.
  8. Be careful of people offering you unsolicited advice – it’s usually more for their benefit than yours?
  9. Celebrate your failures. If you’re not failing regularly then you’re just not trying hard enough.
  10. Reward yourself constantly. Set a goal, however large or small, and then celebrate your successes along the way.

Thinking Big can become a goal or it can become your new DNA. It’s up to you.

Copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved. Phil Symchych

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