Sales Tips

The fastest ways to increase sales are:

  1. Take care of the customer right in front of you. They’re already in your store. They’re not cruising the internet or at your competitors.
  2. Ask your customer what else they like and why they like it – so you can learn more about their preferences.
  3. Make proactive recommendations based on their preferences.
  4. Ask your customer if they have any special events coming up and whether they’d like some ideas that would save them time.
  5. Build a registry for your regular customers so they can add their favourites and create their own wish list (like Amazon does). When their spouse needs ideas, they go straight to you. An alphabetical recipe box, address book or computerized customer database will work great.
  6. Offer a discounted welcome pack for new customers who haven’t dealt with you before. Load it up with value to show case your product line. This will have a much higher ROI than advertising (direct mail has a 1% to 2% hit rate).
  7. Track what your customers buy, like and admire. My suit specialist, Bic, knows what’s in my closet!
  8. Have different price points so that you can attract new customers and build your brand.
  9. Offer bonuses for achieving certain purchase levels to increase purchase value.
  10. Keep in regular contact with your customers by providing valuable ideas on how they can use your products to enhance their lives.
  11. Offer unique events to your regular customers. Rachel Mielke of Hillberg & Berk is a master marketer and does this exceptionally well, often with free media coverage and publicity.
  12. Focus on building a relationship.

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