Now that's good customer service in any economy

Many businesses have the courage and the brains to think strategically and act locally when it comes to customer service and

On a recent trip, I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver. Any staff member that you encounter looks you in the eye and says ‘good morning’ or, perhaps the more casual version, ‘how ya doing?’ Whenever possible, they say your name or, in my case, ask me how to pronounce my name.

Here are some great services that Ritz does that don’t cost a lot of money, differentiate them from other hotels, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction:

  1. Every employee that you encounter in the hotel looks you in the eye and says good morning! Everyone, from chamber maids to managers. Every time.
  2. Whenever possible, they call you by name, “Mr. Symchych,” as they are all ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.
  3. The lobby has two huge pitchers of refreshing ice water with pieces of real fruit – very refreshing.
  4. On the back of the room key, they list their in-house restaurant (Elways) and phone number so that you can contact them easily for a reservation – since you always have your room key with you.
  5. Everything is spotless. Managers walk around lining up the furniture, greeting guests and keeping everything humming. (Are your managers humming, or are they busy doing work and too busy to monitor performance and greet your customers?)
  6. Complimentary shoe shine. It’s a small touch, highly convenient, and makes my life easier.

What can you do in your business that doesn’t cost money, personalizes your customer experience, increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, differentiates your business, enhances loyalty and raises your profits.

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