If water can cut steel

The power of focus is amazing. If water, at 60,000 psi, can cut through three inches of steel, what could you accomplish with a period of pure focus?

How often do you see a football quarterback or great Broadway actor or musical star interrupt their performance to take a cell phone call or respond to an email? Do you get distracted with every buzz and beep?

Yet I know people who begin to vibrate as soon as their cell phone does because they think they must respond immediately. Now, granted some people in technical repair need to be responsive. But what’s more important, finishing the job at hand or responding immediately to an inbound call and starting your existing job over (and over)?

Operational gravity, or our daily responsibilities for phone, email and other necessary evils, are preventing many of us from achieving great things.

Many successful people that I’ve met and worked with keep in touch according to their schedule but don’t let someone else such as a message sender or caller control their focus and productivity.

The most productive person I know returns all phone calls in 90 minutes and ruthlessly focuses on something important (including writing, relaxing by the pool or playing with the dogs) in the 89 minutes between calls. Yes, some calls are under a minute! I’ve timed them.

Michelangelo would still be painting the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling if he stopped to take as many calls as most contractors do.

What are the conditions that you need to create your masterpiece?

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. Phil Symchych

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