DUDS: Same kitchen, different menus!

We have a new addition for DUDS: Dumb Unilateral Decisions by big companies. This time, it’s one of my favorite local restaurants.

I’m a regular customer at our local family pizza restaurant with a two initial name of a U.S. city in the north east, rhymes with a petroleum company that had a little oil gusher problem.

It’s a busy Monday. Daphne and I are working through lunch to put a project together.

So, I phone up for a lunch take-out order.

Me: “May I please have the salad and pizza bread combo?”

Them: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s only available for dine-in. It’s not available for take-out.”

Me (hungry and incredulous): “Really?”

Them: “Yes”

Me: “OK, I’ll have a salad and a pizza bread please.”

Them: “Sure, that will be ready in ten minutes.”

Lessons for business:

  • If you have an in-restaurant menu item available, make it available for take-out, too.
  • Give your customers choices.
  • If you customers like something, make it easy for them to buy it however, whenever and where ever they want.
  • Don’t intentionally frustrate your customers.

OK, ten minutes are up. It’s time to pick up my lunch. Maybe I’ll give them a copy of this article as a tip!

Update: When I picked up my meal, they had actually charged me for the in-store menu item that I wanted in the first place. Kudos for them and some good front-line decision making. Another lesson – always empower your front line people to make the customer happy. Now, I’m happy.

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