Don't argue with a city bus.

A city bus weighs about 12 tons. My car and I don’t. That’s why I slow down to let buses merge in front of me and turn across multiple lanes so they can keep on schedule.

Today, I’m sitting in what I think is a left turn lane, the far left being reserved for parking, so I thought. It’s hard to tell with ice and snow covering the lane markings.

A city bus, number 606, pulls up to my left. Apparently, we are both turning left. This will be interesting.

The light turns green, we both proceed and then both stop in the intersection, looking at each other.

I’m not about to argue with 12 tons.

Normally, I would expect to be waived through, since I was in his way.

Maybe I was even in the wrong lane. Well, I apologize for that.

I didn’t get waived through. I got waived at, with attitude, like I was the biggest idiot in the world.

And, the male bus driver kept waiving, as if I had committed a personal attack on his integrity or the rules of the world.

So, I smiled, and proceeded to turn left, since neither of us was going anywhere until I got out of the way.

Then, I called the city to complain about the driver’s unprofessional behaviour, along with my apology in case I was in the wrong lane, with my signal lights blinking, and driving defensively. Maybe the bus driver was having a bad day. Or, maybe this is normal behaviour. I don’t know.

Do we need people prone to emotional reactions in unnecessary circumstances controlling large vehicles that could hurt people?

Remember, your customers are watching your every move. How you handle complaints and problems says much more about you than you think.

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Phil Symchych.

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