Beware of Teenagers

Our eldest, Anastasia, turns 13 years old today.

She is now, officially, not a kid anymore.

We, the parents, are now officially losing half of our intelligence. Fortunately, our intelligence will return in approximately five years.

Seriously, we are very proud of Anastasia, who is named after my maternal grandmother, a fiercely strong and independent woman who lived to be almost 103 years old, and continued to ride her three wheeled bicycle around the streets of Dauphin at the age of 93.

Our Anastasia is quarterback of the Deshaye girls football team, an accomplished and talented dancer (tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical) and an award winning pianist, recently achieving the Gold Medal in Saskatchewan for the highest mark in her grade.

ABOS 2010

She is strong and smart, and learning how to use her power for good, not evil! She can facetime with her friends on her ipod while she chats on facebook and texts someone else on her cell phone at the same time! If I want to talk to her, I just go and uplug the internet.

Happy Birthday, Anastasia!

No, you can’t have a BMW for your birthday.

Love, Dad.

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